Business Need

Powerful, easy-to-manage threat monitoring and analysis for a small IT team.


Field Effect’s Covalence® threat monitoring, detection, and response platform.

Marcil Lavallée

“My top concern isn’t what I can see today, but what I may be missing. When it comes to putting the best defence in place, I need complete visibility. I never want to worry about what I may not be seeing.”

The Overview

The lean IT team at Marcil Lavallée manages sensitive data daily and must have continual visibility across its entire IT network. The accounting firm also needed a tool that was easy to manage. With Covalence, the team can now quickly identify and respond to threat alerts, saving significant time and effort every week.

The Company

Marcil Lavallée is one of the largest, independent Frenchspeaking accounting firms in Canada. The firm provides a full line of audit, bookkeeping, tax, and consulting services for healthcare, education, not-for-profit organizations, small and medium-sized businesses, and more.

Keith Chabot joined Marcil Lavallée in 2004 as an IT Director responsible for the security of the firm. Keith’s small team is tasked with keeping Marcil Lavallée’s 100 onsite and remote users secure, and ensuring sensitive data remains private and safe.

The Challenge

Marcil Lavallée manages, shares, and stores confidential financial data on a daily basis. While Keith doesn’t have the IT resources for a security operations centre to provide 24/7 monitoring, he still requires the same strong capabilities and functionalities. And with nearly all employees now accessing the Marcil Lavallée network from home, the demand for a robust cyber threat monitoring tool was only growing.

The Solution

Keith initially considered a range of options, including security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. He quickly changed his mind after seeing a Covalence demo and chose Covalence.

“Covalence solves for detection and monitoring in a completely different and more effective way than any of the tools I have used or evaluated,” he says.

Prior to Covalence, Keith says the effort to efficiently gather this type of detail across his multiple data sources and take action was a long, arduous process. “The best outcome from the Covalence deployment is having all of the information readily available.”

The Results

Gained a more powerful, manageable, and cost-effective threat detection and monitoring solution than available options.

Realized significant time savings each week with the improved ability to quickly identify and respond to threat alerts.

Reduced number of tools in technology stack, minimizing system impact and improving performance by nearly 40-50% on certain servers.

“I have not only gained an amazing monitoring, detection, and response solution, but a team of cyber experts by my side helping me stay ahead of the risks and improve the security of my network.”

Keith Chabot
IT Director
Marcil Lavallée