Business Need

Proactive IT and cyber security following a ransomware attack.


Field Effect’s Covalence® threat monitoring, detection, and response platform.

Crossroads Children's Mental Health Centre

“The ransomware attack was a wake-up call. Prior to this, we had always accepted things at face value and we were not aware of the risks that could be targeting our organization and network. After the attack, we literally found holes in our system that we didn’t know we had.”

The Overview

After experiencing a ransomware attack several years ago, Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre (CCMHC) turned to Field Effect for the company’s Incident Response (IR) services. Right after the issue was quickly remediated, CCMHC chose Field Effect’s Covalence® monitoring, detection, and response (MDR) platform for 24/7 long-term protection — improving visibility and security across its network by 100% from one year ago.

The Company

CCMHC is a not-for-profit is a not-for-profit organization, providing Ottawa children under the age of twelve and their families a range of mental health services and support in the home, schools, and community.

Lynn LaHam, CPA and CGA, joined CCMHC in 2006 as Director of Finance, and manages all IT and security for the organization. With 30 years of experience in financial management, mostly in technology and the for-profit sector, Lynn has worn an IT hat for many of those years.

The Challenge

For Lynn, the unknown is probably one of her biggest cyber security concerns. And this rang clear one year ago when CCMHC became victim of a ransomware attack. Fortunately, Lynn had started moving CCMHC’s operations to the cloud a few years ago so client and other confidential data was untouched by the attack.

The Solution

Lynn took immediate steps to find out how the attack happened, remediate the damage, and put proactive measures in place. She contacted Field Effect, a global provider of MDR and IR solutions. “Within 24 hours, the Field Effect team had put its Covalence monitoring appliance on our network, and their team of cyber analysts not only determined the cause of the attack but thoroughly evaluated our network health to identify any other vulnerabilities or potential risks.”

“We were able to identify that our password security was the major factor,” says Lynn. “It was amazing to see the level of detail from Field Effect’s services.”

The Results

Improved threat detection and protection of endpoints, networks, and cloud services by 100% from one year ago.

Increased WiFi security for 2,000 CCMHC clients and guests visiting its facility each year.

Deployed Field Effect’s Covalence threat monitoring, detection, and response platform.

“Using Field Effect’s Covalence solution, we have visibility across our network and understand the alerts and actions to take to ensure our operations are safe going forward.”

Lynn LaHam, CPA, CGA
Director of Finance
Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre